Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been a while ....

I'm getting back in the (blogging) saddle. How pathetic that my last post was in JULY! Four kids and a busy summer, blah blah blah, excuses, excuses, etc., etc., etc.

I thought I'd start with a cute and funny story. Who doesn't like cute and funny?????

Last week we were in the car and littlest boy was not happy to be in his carseat. Our two oldest took up the challenge of comforting him and broke into song. Here, I am happy to present to you the lyrics of this delightful ditty.

Hush little baby
don't you cry
Daddy's gonna buy you a pumpkin pie
and if that pumpkin pie gets eaten
Daddy's gonna buy you a dog named Bif

I don't know how they came up with it, it seemed to be completely spontaneous. Much laughter ensued. It has now entered the family lexicon.


Dr. Momentum said...

Quite rhythmic.

sjb said...

Hey James, thanks so much for not giving up on my blog!

Maggie said...

Hey, S! I think I give up on most blogs during the semester, but I'm being a deadbeat today. I love the song! "A dog named Bif." That's great. If it were me, I'd make sure there's always plenty of pumpkin pie in the house! That's quite a commitment just for eating pie!