Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Amazing Women

It occurred to me this morning that I complain a lot. Okay, this morning isn't the first time it's occurred to me, but lately I've been thinking that perhaps I should complain less and be more thankful for what I have. Which is a lot. 

We've had some discussions at home about the state of the economy, macro and micro, and how fortunate we are to be relatively insulated from the worst of the downturn. And, at night when I do my late rounds -- listening to breathing and kissing little foreheads -- before turning off the light and sleeping next to a man who would do anything for me, I know few have it as good as I do.

I have two friends in particular who remind me of this. They are both in the trenches, so to speak. One is a newly single mother of 2 small children: a bright, beautiful, educated, professional woman, starting her life over on her own. 
The other is currently deployed on the ground in Iraq: a smart, funny, tough (yet girly in the right ways) Naval Officer, who left behind a husband and young daughter in the service of her country. 

If you ask me, these women are heroes. They are the ones who show the rest of us how to face adversity and kick its ass. They are strength and grace personified, and I am glad, and humbled, to know them. 

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